Michael Behe on Intelligent Design

“Now, I am keenly aware that in the past few years many people in the country have come to regard the phrase ‘intelligent design’ as fighting words, because to them, the word ‘design’ is synonymous with ‘creationism,’ and thus open the door to treating the Bible as some sort of scientific textbook (which would be silly). That is an unfortunate misimpression. The idea of intelligent design, although congenial to some religious views of the universe, is independent of them.”

– Michael J. Behe, The Edge of Evolution


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One thought on “Michael Behe on Intelligent Design”

  1. The obvious reply to this bald-faced lie is “cdesign proponentists” — the embarrassing ‘transitional form’ between “creationist” and “design proponent” in the book ‘Of Pandas an People’, that Behe himself co-wrote (and if he isn’t a creationist, then what was he doing writing a chapter for what started out as an explicitly creationist textbook?).

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