Embarrassment of Riches

Reinventing Jesus“New Testament textual criticism suffers from an ’embarrassment of riches’ unparalleled  by any other piece of ancient literature. The manuscript copies of the New Testament are far more plentiful and earlier than any other Greek or Latin texts. In terms of manuscript data, any skepticism about the Jesus of the Gospels should be multiplied many times for any other historical figure. We have more and earlier manuscript evidence about the person of Jesus Christ than we do anyone else in the ancient world—including Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great.”

Reinventing Jesus

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One thought on “Embarrassment of Riches”

  1. http://lightenough.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/relibility-of-bible-textual-variants/ – In this post, I link to a DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) chapel message from Dr. Wallace. He is a great and amusing speaker and I recommend watching it. Note at the link there are powerpoints to go along with his message. I recognized the “embarrassment of riches” and wondered if your quote was from Dr. Wallace, and I see at the link he is one author of the book.

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