Why Do I Blog? (Part Two)

I recently did a post on Why Do I Blog? In that context, I talked about why I blog about the things happening in my life, as that is my personal blog.

It is just as appropriate to ask I blog in the realm of apologetics. I will start by sharing the reasons that are not influencing me. I do not blog because I am intolerant. I do not blog because I hate people of other religions or people of no religion. I do not blog because I have to always be right.

The original reason for me to start this blog was listening to a statement on a Christian radio station. This station was pointing evangelical Christians to the Christian Science website as an inspiring place to read about healings without realizing that Christian Science is outside orthodox Christianity. They had made a mistake and I could either get mad at them or seek to inform people of the facts.

Then and now, the reason I blog is to seek to find and share the truth. Yes, I will be critical (respectfully) of other world views when I believe they are making a mistake. But I am just as likely to criticize Christians when we are making a mistake. My goal is the truth and I go where the truth leads me.

I have no intention of attacking people. But I do want to help people sift through the evidence and make informed choices. People are welcome to disagree with me. They are also welcome to comment with their views, although I usually only respond with clarifications rather than lengthy debates. I enjoy it when people can challenge me, as long they do it respectfully and base their arguments on solid evidence.

So that is why I blog. I thank you for reading this blog and I appreciate all the kind comments I receive.


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