Pastors, Congregations and Expectations

When people leave a church, the most common reason is, “I just wasn’t being fed.” So they go to some other church where they are fed, until they find another church that will feed them more. It happens all the time. With this in mind, I would like to share some biblical perspective.

I have looked in the Bible and no where have I found a passage where Christians should expect to be fed by their pastors. If anything, they should feed themselves with Bible study, worship and prayer. So what should Christians expect? The expectations are not what they should receive but what they should give. They should offer worship to God and they should offer their abilities and gifts for Christian service. That is it. If those two things take place, that is good church even if the pastor only burps from the pulpit.

Having said that, I want to speak to the pastors. Just because feeding the congregation should not be an excuse for Christians to leave does not mean that you do not need to feed your congregation. You must do this, but the expectation is not from the congregation, it is from God. If God has equipped you with preaching and pastoral gifts, you must use them. And use them properly. Sermons are not for keeping people entertained of impressing people with communication skills. Preaching is about communicating biblical truth in such a way that the people understand it and can implement it. Be faithful with what you have been given.

So congregations, stop complaining about your pastor. And pastor stop getting frustrated with your congregation. You both have jobs to do, so go and do it.

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