Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last night Amanda and I went to see Amazing Spider-Man 2. I wasn’t really eager to see it. I was not impressed with the first one. I loved the original Spider-Man trilogy (especially the first two) and I was not sure the point of the reboot (aside from money). Besides, I saw the first movie the same night as I saw Dark Knight Returns and there was no comparison.

As for Amazing Spider-Man 2, I loved it. It was way better than the first one. Electro was a fantastic villain and he may be one of my favourite superhero movie villains (ironic because I always thought the comic book version was pretty lame). The relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy was developed well. The special effects were great and the fight scenes were fun. My main complaint was the use of the Green Goblin. I liked Harry Osborn in this movie but he looked strange and Green Goblin and the fight seemed rushed. Still it was a great movie, perhaps the best Spider-Man movie yet, including the first trilogy.


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