Train a Child…

Today was an interesting day for me, one that brought back memories. For years (or at least as long as he has been aware of them), Justus has been bugging me about my model trains that have been in a box in our crawl space.

These trains mean a lot to me. They were my childhood. I had my train set in my basement and loved playing with them. My favourite gift was always a new engine, box car or a model building. It was something that I found very fulfilling.

Today we got the box out. The train set cannot be set up. I need new tracks and some wood to get the table ready. But the trains are out. Justus was in his glory. So was I. I have some old metal steam engines, some in better shape than others. My hope is to slowly work away at it and eventually have it the way I want it. Hopefully Justus and I can build some good memories together.


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