Always Loving Logan and Abby

Almost every Saturday I have an easy good news item. The reason is that Logan and Abby come for a visit on Saturdays. It is so fun to have them here. We get lots of hugs and we get to watch them do their thing in their autistic ways. Abby always asks for snacks and Logan constantly says “No thank you” every time I sing.

You might wonder, if they are so great to have around, why are they in group homes. Why not have 24/7 of all that awesome fun? The reason we have such great visits is because they are in group homes. We know they have rough times throughout the week and their staff get tired. But when they come to us they are good and we are not a wreck after a week of taking care of them. The decision to put them in group homes was not to distance ourselves emotionally but to repair our relationships with them. That has worked out very well. I regret that the kids have autism but I do not regret that they are living in group homes.


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