Devotions: Song of Solomon

A devotion based on Song of Solomon 1:15.

The Song of Solomon is one of the hardest books of the Bible to write a devotion. It just does not seem very spiritual. Some have seen it as an allegory of love between Israel and God or the Church and Jesus. However, a plain reading of the book seems to point toward real love between a man and a woman.

Why should the love between a man and a woman be unspiritual? One of the earliest stories in the Bible is the relationship between a man and a woman. It is found in the histories and the prophets as well. God has a plan for a good and healthy love relationship. While the Song of Solomon is not about Jesus and the Church, it is significant in Ephesians that relationship is compared to a husband and wife. Human love is not unspiritual, it is actually one of the most spiritual aspects of creation.

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