A Good Time Away

Amanda and I had a fun time away at the CBOQ Assembly. It was great to visit with friends. One of the good things about me helping with the EFC table is I was able to connect with CBOQ pastors that I had seen before but had never talked with. The Assembly business was relatively painless and the conference part was great. The worship was tremendous, led by Mike Janzen and his band. The speaker, David Fitch, was challenging and encouraging. I really liked what he had to say. My health held out for the most part. I was feeling like a million bucks when I got there but I must admit that between the conference and working the EFC table, there was a cost. My legs and my hand are feeling it. No matter, it was a great time to be away, especially for Amanda and I to have time together. We realized that we had not done something like this for about a year. We need more times like this to be together. Make sure to check out Amanda’s reflections on our time away. They are much more interesting.


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