All Christians Believe…

I have previously posted on the multiplicity of Christian beliefs as a so-called argument against Christianity. The opposite is also sometimes used.

Skeptics, in an attempt to attack Christianity, create a caricature of Christians. This often some sort of variation of Westboro Baptist Church. All Christians hate homosexuals. All Christians put down women. All Christians hate non-Christians. All Christians reject science. And on it goes.

I have listened to such criticisms and yet failed to see their descriptions as being anything like what I know of Christianity. This, of course, is the straw man fallacy. Rather than taking the time to find out what Christians are really like, it is easier to set up a version of Christianity that is easy to knock down.

Our responsibility is to not let that happen. People are free to criticize Christians, but they should criticize Christians as we really are and not how they we were.

At the same time, we should not do the same thing with others. Sure, it is easier to go after atheists, Muslims, etc. if we decide ahead of time what they believe and what they do. If we expect others to be accurate in who we are, we should do the same for others.

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