Atheism and the Problem of Love

Atheism claims to have reason on its side. I think that is an incredible overstatement. However, I would like to look at something else. How do atheists explain love? According to atheists, love is just a chemical reaction in the brain that has evolved to allow the species to continue.

I often want to ask atheists if they really believe this. When they look at their spouse or their children, do they really feel love or are they simply experiencing a chemical reaction? Is there really any meaning to love? I am not saying that this proves that there is a God. I am rather suggesting that many atheists act as if there is something beyond ourselves.

I want you to watch this video. It is obvious that this father loves his daughter. How does a naturalistic world view explain this? What is the evolutionary benefit of his actions?

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3 thoughts on “Atheism and the Problem of Love”

  1. Where does a Christian suppose love comes from? A god that allows children to be born with these kinds of obstacles?

    1. I guess I would have to say yes. My understanding of love comes from God, the same God that allowed two of my children to have autism. In fact I have learned more about love since I have been father to these children than thirty years before.

      1. I see very clearly the depths of love you have for your children and I can understand how you see this. However, what of depression and anger? I think the same god would create or inspire these as well. I think emotions may ultimately be defense mechanisms and an instinct to protect one’s self and offspring.

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