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I had a follow-up appointment this morning to go over the results of my sleep study. I assumed that they would insist on CPAP machine but I was relieved to have them not even mention it. The best thing was meeting with a doctor who knew what he was talking about.

The problem is that even if I have eight hours sleep, I still need at least one nap if not more. I suspected that this was connected with my sarcoidosis as fatigue is related. Thankfully this doctor was well informed about sarcoidosis (many are not). He described normal sleep activity as being like an egg, with the yellow as sleep and the white as being awake. In my case, I have scrambled eggs. He described my case as being a brother to narcolepsy. He suspects that the sarcoidosis has left something in my brain that is causing this disruption.

He told me that he could give me medication, but they would cause me even more problems. He told me that the ideal situation was for me to have three 20-30 minute naps a day. This was a huge relief to me. I always feel guilty when I nap and now a doctor is telling me to take three naps. I guess I am not lazy after all. The trick will be to plan my day so that I get the three in. I should be able to do it because if I don’t set my alarm, I could easily sleep 1.5-2 hours in one nap.

The big thing is that I had a good doctor who knows his stuff and is willing to follow up on me. He found my case pretty interesting and even asked me to donate my brain for research after I am done with it. I have a sense of hope about my future and my energy level. This is good news.

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