Quality Investments

In previous years, we had quite a time getting Justus to school. He just did not want to go. This year was much different. In fact there were times that Justus was sick and we had to fight to keep him home. What happened? Teachers who invested into his life.

I will give you one example. Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis was Justus’ music teacher. He is also Justus’ hero. One of the few things that capture Justus’ attention is music. Mr. Lewis used music to make a significant contribution into Justus’ life. None of us knew that Justus had a natural musical ability but Mr. Lewis was able to tap into that. He was a tremendous encouragement to Justus.

Today at the school talent contest, Justus was able to play his bass guitar for the entire school. Emma told me that the students were chanting, “Justus! Justus! Justus!” Imagine what that did for a kid with extremely low self-esteem. Although nervous, Justus had the time of his life. After the performance, Mr. Lewis gave Justus an old amp for his bass. You would have thought that he received a brand new car. Justus told me that he almost cried. He did give Mr. Lewis a big hug.

This is just one example of a teacher who invested in a child’s life. On this last day of school for 2014, let us give thanks for all the teachers who choose to make quality investments.


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