I Love Saturdays!

Saturdays have quickly become my favourite day of the week. It was not always that way. When I was a pastor, Saturdays were not very relaxing. Even if my sermon (most of the time) or PowerPoint (rarely) was done, I was still thinking about the service and going over my sermon. I just could not take Saturdays completely off.

Now that I work a Monday to Friday day, that is much easier. But it is not the lack of work that makes Saturdays so good. The best part is that Logan and Abby come for a visit. It is not that Logan and Abby are my favourites, as I love all five equally. But I do miss them tremendously since I only seem them once a week. Our visits are so much fun. When I look at them, I am filled with love for them. I am so thankful that we have them so close and that we can see them so often. While we took a financial hit by moving to Cambridge, it was the best thing we could ever have done.


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