Devotions: Jeremiah

A devotion based on Jeremiah 1:6-7

Jeremiah is one of the most well-known prophets in the Bible. He is among the three (with Isaiah and Ezekiel) major prophets in the Hebrew canon. Jeremiah would also go through one of the most difficult ministries in the Bible. His prophetic work included a pretty consistent diet of insults, beatings and imprisonments. But before all that suffering, Jeremiah was called by God. Jeremiah tried his best to avoid his call. His excuses included his age and lack of ability. Fortunately for us, if not for Jeremiah, God overruled Jeremiah’s reluctance.

We may not receive such a dramatic call from God, but God still has a call upon our lives. No matter our age, our health, our job or family situation, God has work for us to do. There are always plenty of excuses as to why should say “no.” Moses tried it. Jonah tried it. But God always wins. What we have to understand is that God never calls us to serve him in our own power. God does not end his involvement at the call. Accept the call and watch for the ways that God will work through you.


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