6 Steps in My Christian Conversion

I hate when people ask me how I became a Christian. It is not that I am embarrassed or am afraid of sharing my faith. Rather my conversion story is long and complicated. Some people have one major event that brought them to Christ. I had six major steps and when I am asked that question, I usually pick one of the steps to focus on. Here are the six steps. For some background, at this point I had been a nominal Anglican, an atheist and then a generic theist.

1. I prayed. I remember clearly asking God (who I had just started believing in again) to show me the true religion. I had no reason to believe that Christianity was necessarily true and so I asked the one person who must know the truth. God.

2. I started working for some Christians. This took place perhaps a week or two after the prayer. They were charismatic Christians with a wealth and health gospel. They witnessed to me quite often and I was paid to stand there and read Chick tracts. They talked about Jesus in a way that I had never heard before.

3. I started reading the Bible. My motivation was to try and prove my employers wrong on some of their doctrines. It was a strange step because I never considered that people actually read the Bible. It was a very moving experience to read the New Testament for the first time and at times it scared me.

4. I returned to the Anglican church. I had left when I was in my mid-teens and now I was in my early-twenties. I understood things better and had many conversations with my priest. He was fairly liberal and did not like the direction that I was going.

5. I ended up in a Mexican jail. I have spoke about this elsewhere. I will just say that I made some bad choices and ended up in jail. After a very desperate prayer, I was released and I was faced with a God that actually heard and responded to prayers.

6. I started watching Billy Graham crusades on television. It seemed that every time I turned on the television, there was Billy Graham. I found his presentation of the Gospel to be very clear and understandable. It was a middle ground between my charismatic employers and my liberal Anglicanism. I struggled with the altar calls because I felt that God was calling me to a new level of commitment, even though I had some pretty solid theology by that point. I eventually contacted the BGEA and received some materials to help me to pray for Jesus to become my Lord.

All of these steps took about three years for me. I am thankful for each part. At some point, I will also take you through the steps of my discipleship.

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