I Scream for Ice Cream

The highlight of my day today was going out for ice cream. It is not that uncommon for us to go out for ice cream but this was different. Normally we would just pile in the car and go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s for drive through. This time we went to a local bakery. This is a bakery that Justus frequents (he has even played bass outside of it to try and make money). Justus was very excited to have us at “his” bakery. It was fun stand around the ice cream buckets, each picking out our flavours. This reminded me of my childhood. I loved doing this sort of thing each summer. Drive through may be faster, but there is something missed in the experience of listening to each other’s choices and tasting what the other person got. I enjoyed it and plan to be back to support this local business. By the way, the name of the place is Star Bakery. If you are in the Cambridge area, check them out and tell them Justus sent you.

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