Health Update

A year ago at this time, I was in pretty rough shape. I was in tremendous pain, I was walking with a cane and my weight was dropping rapidly. Worst of all, I had no idea what was wrong with me. All I had was fear.

Now I am feeling much better and I have a name for my illness, sarcoidosis. I really am doing very good. I am not symptom-free but I am good. I do get the aches and pains and my back hurts. The worst is the fatigue. Yesterday I had three naps, today was too busy for any naps.

Today I had an appointment with my respirologist, the doctor who is treating me for my sarcoidosis. He agrees that I am doing much better and I look healthier than I did last summer. However, I still have a way to go. I had my lungs x-rayed today and my lymph nodes are still as large as they were last summer. They may never go down again. Also my lung capacity is not where it should be. I am at 75% (which is still way better than most people with lung problems) but he would like to see me above 80% which is more appropriate for my age. Instead of just being happy with that, as some doctors would be, he is prescribing something new to make sure I get where I am supposed to be. I like that.

He is a great doctor who really stays on top of things. That is also a big change from last year when I had a lot of trouble finding a good doctor. Thank you for your prayers and your support over the past year.

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