Best Communion

This morning at Queensway, in addition to preaching, I had the privilege of leading communion. One of the things that was different this morning (other than that I was involved) was that the children were in the sanctuary as we start a break for the teachers. As we handed out the bread, I saw Amanda talking to Justus and Emma. It was easy to guess what the conversation was about. They were curious about communion as they rarely see it. Amanda explained to them why they can’t partake yet. That led into a conversation about how someone becomes a Christian.

Did they become Christians during that service? No. We don’t want to pressure them to do it based on what we want. Nor do I want them to make a decision so they can start taking communion (that is why I was confirmed in the Anglican Church). I want them to fully understand what becoming a Christian is about. But it was exciting for me to see that conversation taking place during a communion service. If you saw me at the front behind that communion table, you would have seen a man with a big smile on his face.

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