Thankful For What I Have

We are not the richest family. We do not have all the gadgets and gizmos. You probably won’t drive by our house or car and struggle with envy. But money is not everything.

Last year at this time, I was sure that I was dying. I was walking with a cane and had dropped a significant amount of weight. When I went to the eye doctor, even he assumed that I had cancer. I just had that look.

When I was that sick, I never regretted my lack of riches. All I thought was that I wanted more time to spend with my family. In fact, seeing people’s lust for more stuff completely turned my stomach.

I will admit , now that I am better, that there are times that I wished we had some more money. But at the same time, having been to the brink, I do see things differently. Money can be useful but it is not the most important thing in life. I would rather be a poor man enjoying my family for another sixty years (I am being generous with myself) than a millionaire for a year.

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