The TWU Law School and the Nature of Prejudice

The latest in the strange case of the Trinity Western University law school is a petition by New Brunswick lawyers to overturn the Law Society of New Brunswick’s decision to accredit the TWU law school. In reference to TWU’s lifestyle covenant, lawyer Carley Parish states, “The covenant is a step backwards, it’s discrimination.” I can understand how a person with a different world view could see the covenant as being backwards. But is it discrimination?

The lifestyle covenant of this self-identified evangelical school is by no means taking aim at the LGBTQ community. It presents a lifestyle that represents the evangelical understanding of the Bible. This is not to hurt anyone but to allow prospective students an informed choice as to whether this is the right school for them. People of any sexual preference are welcome to attend the school.

I expect that in terms of numbers that this covenant has more of an impact on heterosexual singles than anyone else. My assumption is that singles who enjoy premarital sex and have no interest in giving it up will pass TWU by. I have yet to see an uprising by sexually active singles against TWU.

I would also like to know why limits on sexual activity are considered prejudice, while punishing students of an evangelical school is not considered prejudice. I can say with all confidence that graduates of the TWU law school had no part in drafting the lifestyle covenant, especially since there have not been any law students or graduates. If the lifestyle covenant is wrong, they are punishing the wrong people.

This situation makes me worry about the future of Canada.


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