What Good News?

For those of you new to this blog, you may wonder why I blog these random events in my day. The reason is, approximately one year ago I committed to blog a good news post everyday as a way of keeping myself positive. As that was a very dark time in my life, it was essential for me get through the summer and early fall. It continues to be important for me.

Then there are days like this. I have been in a bad mood much of the day. There are numerous reasons for this, none of which I will bore you with. I even considered skipping the good news post as I was not in the mood.

Two things happened. One is that during the day I realized that I had not prayed about any of the three main things that were bringing me down. That helped but then I still did not want to blog. There is something comforting about wallowing in self-pity.

Then stubbornness came into play. The reason I started good news blogging was not to share on the good days but to force myself to share on the bad days.

So here is my good news today. I blogged even though I didn’t feel like it.

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