Why Should We Care About the Jesus Myth?

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  1. teleologist says:

    Have you considered or asked your publisher to republish your books in Kindle format? It would make it more affordable and accessible to more readers. Thanks.

    • I have asked and he says it is not possible. I would try to do it myself but I have a co-author which makes it more complicated. My plan is to write a book on the Jesus myth in general and make it available in all formats.

  2. Where is the text you suppose the historical Jesus to be in? As long as no one questions the Jesus that’s in your mind you can keep selling this stuff. When you take the supernatural myths away there isn’t a person in the bible that was a man named Jesus.

    In fact I don’t know of a single biblical pericope (self-contained story) that’s even true. It’s a book of soothsaying.

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