Devotions: Daniel

A devotion based on Daniel 3:25.

In this story, three of Daniel’s friends are arrested for refusing to worship a golden image. They are so devoted to their God that they would prefer to endure the consequences. Unfortunately the consequences are being thrown into a blazing furnace. They are men of faith. They believe that either God will help them or else it is the right thing to die for God. God does not intervene and they are cast in the fire. Instead of rescuing the three, God’s presence in made known through a fourth figure and the three are protected from being consumed. Ultimately it is Nebuchadnezzar that frees the three.

Trials and tribulations inevitably come our way. Our first instinct is to pray for a change of circumstances or a dramatic rescue. That is fine and we should do that. But sometimes God works in a different way. Perhaps, like Daniel’s friends, God chooses to make his presence known instead of performing a rescue. Perhaps instead of changing the circumstances, God protects us from being consumed by our trials. God is the one we should go to but we need to remember that God works in mysterious ways, most often not according to our time table.

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