5 Things I Hate About Apologetics

I really enjoy apologetics. I am glad that I am involved in it. But that does not mean that I like everything about it. Here are five things I hate about apologetics.

1. Apologetics breeds a skeptical attitude. To be a good apologist, you must be skeptical of claims. You need to see the evidence and cannot just accept assertions. That is fine for apologetics but it can be annoying in other areas of life. It can make simple things like watching a movie more complicated. I am always looking for the holes in logic. I even get frustrated when watching the kids’ cartoons.

2. Apologetics makes devotional Bible reading difficult. When I read the Bible, I seek how I can use it for a blog post or an article or some kind of apologetic interaction. It is difficult to just sit down and read the Bible with a prayerful attitude.

3. Apologetic conversations can be frustrating. No matter how well thought out your statement may be, the other person will respond with an insult a set of unrelated assertions. Not only is this annoying, it can make one want to act less than Christian. I can be just as nasty as them. That is not what I want but the temptation is there.

4. Once you articulate what you believe, you set yourself up for attacks. This is not just from non-Christians. In fact some of the harshest critiques can be from Christians either more conservative or more liberal than yourself.

5. Apologetics is not respected in the church. People interested in apologetics are still treated like Trekkies. They like to huddle together and talk about theological issues that have no practical importance. Apologists are sometimes looked at as people with all head knowledge of Jesus and no heart knowledge.

These five things are not necessarily the experience of every apologist. In fact this list is compiled from my observations of many people’s experiences. Despite this, apologetics is definitely worth pursuing. Not only is it personally fulfilling, it is also an important way of investing in the Kingdom of God.

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6 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Apologetics”

  1. “People interested in apologetics are still treated like Trekkies.” /// Way too true; I remember reading another apologist’s work saying something to the tune that all apologists are basically the same: INTJ, hyper-logical, precise, and male. So, essentially Spock.

  2. Points 1 and 2 are pretty damning. It looks like apologetics is a self-defeating effort.

    The true Christian must have the faith that passes all understanding, but apologetics insists on trying to understand! That’s self-defeating.

    The true Christian must approach scripture with humble devotion and receptive spirit, but apologetics stokes up your rational mind and hinders that blissful communion with the ethereal spirit.

    It’s almost enough to make good church-going Christians suspicious of someone who’s dedicated to apologetics.

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