The FORCE is With Me

This morning I went to do my army physical. It is something called the FORCE test. Is it a super hard physical test? Probably not. A healthy soldier in their early twenties should be able to do it with no problem.

But I am not in my early twenties and I have not been overly healthy lately. The lymph nodes in my lungs are large and I still get out of breath easily. My doctor has recently told me that I am working at 75% lung capacity. That is fine for working on my computer but that is not what I did this morning.

There were three of us doing the test this morning at Denison Armoury in Toronto. Of course the other two were fit young guys. Each one of us did the test. I am so glad that there was time in between because after each stage I thought I was dying. But in the end, I passed the test.

It is hard to express what this means to me. Physically this has been the worst year of my life. Even after I stopped using a cane, I still experienced numerous aches and pains in every area of my body. Yet today I went in and accomplished the same fitness standard that all members of the Canadian Forces must meet.

This makes me happy.

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