Walking With My Girl

For my good news item, sometimes it is something big and sometimes it is something small. Today’s good news will be small to you but big to me. Logan and Abby generally come for a visit from their group homes on Saturdays. Since lunch seemed to pass us by, we decided to pick up a pizza for a mid-afternoon snack (I use snack loosely as Logan had seven pieces of pizza). The pizza place is just around the corner and so we usually walk over. I decided to take Abby with me as we usually do not get to walk together. Abby put her arm in mine and put on a huge smile. She sang and laughed the whole way to the pizza place. As I looked at her face just beaming with joy, I realized that my face looked exactly the same. I was proud to be out with my girl and I loved every minute of it. It is not easy having the kids in the group home but these moments do help.

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