Doing Apologetics Without the Need for Apology

Should Christians be involved in apologetics? And if we should, what should that look like? For many people, the answers to these questions are not so clear.

That is why Trevor Ray Slone’s Doing Apologetics Without the Need for Apology is so helpful. Slone is the founder of Intelligent Interactions and the host of Thinking It Through radio show.

This book is very different from most books on apologetics. Instead of going systematically through apologetic topics, Slone takes the reader through some important Scripture passages. Slone does a very good job of exegesis of each of these passages (mostly New Testament but also some Proverbs).

The benefit of this method is that those who are suspicious of apologetics are confronted with Scripture. This bypasses any personal preferences. This is true for apologetic method as well. Slone stresses the importance of speaking to skeptics in a loving and respectful way rather than with angry arguments.

I recommend this book as a way to introduce new people to apologetics and to give them a solid biblical basis for the ministry.


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