Who Are the Five Most Influential Apologists Today?

I need to make myself clear here. There are others that have been more influential in previous generations. There are others who may have more degrees or who get invited to more apologetics conferences. But taking everything into consideration, I believe these are the five most influential apologists that are active today. I would love to see your list.

1. William Lane Craig – Craig is one of the most well known apologists active today. He is especially known for his debates. He is particularly gifted in philosophy, specifically the philosophy of science.

2. Ravi Zacharias – I consider Zacharias to be the Billy Graham of apologists. He has a gift of building bridges, even having the opportunity to speak at the Mormon Tabernacle. Zacharias is the best example of a solid apologetic preacher.

3. Stephen Meyer – Meyer is one of the premier proponents of Intelligent Design. He has been fighting an uphill battle as many consider ID to be a sly way of getting six day creationism into the schools. Meyer is able to meet evolutionary scientists on their own level.

4. Greg Koukl – Koukl is best known for his radio show and podcast Stand to Reason. Koukl is gifted at translating what the philosophers are saying so that the average person can understand. Koukl is also very active at applying apologetics to current social issues.

5. Craig Evans – Evans is a respected New Testament scholar who is often called on by the media to explain the latest Jesus fad. While active in scholarship, Evans is also willing to tackle the popular theories that are floating around.


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