Devotions: Amos

A devotion based on Amos 5:14.

The book of Amos is fairly typical of the minor prophets. The people sin. The prophet proclaims judgment. The people are challenged to repent. I am sure there were times when the people wondered how they would ever get out of this. What exactly did God want? Amos presents God’s expectations in a very clear way. Do good and avoid evil. It is as simple as that.

This may be a message that is uncomfortable for some Christians. We are taught that salvation comes from grace and not works. As soon as we read about works, we get nervous that something is being added to grace. It is true that there is nothing that can be added to grace for salvation. But the New Testament makes it clear that the Christian life is much more than laying back and enjoying grace. Our life should be a response to the grace we have received. The message to the people in Amos’ say is the same to us: do good and avoid evil.

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