Picking Your Nose in the Car and Blogging

Admit it. You know you have done it. You are stopped at an intersection or you are driving on the highway and you feel that tingle in your nostril. There is something that needs to come out.

You look around. You are surrounded by glass on all sides. It feels safe. You take care of business without a concern of someone seeing.

If you have not done it, you have at least seen someone doing it. Why? Because guess what? People can see through glass. They see you with your nose. They see you trying to sing that song. They see you checking your phone. You may feel like you are in your own world, but people are watching.

The same thing happens with blogging, Facebook discussions, tweets and everything else that happens online. I see Christians talking (or arguing) with each other as if no one else can see. They go at it as if it is a private discussion completely unobserved by non-Christians.

Here is another surprise. Non-Christians also have internet access. Those things you do and say, which you would never do and say physically in front of non-Christians, are being watched. The internet provides as much protection as that car window.

I encourage all my Christian friends who love interacting on the internet to keep something in mind. When you are talking to someone online, do it with the assumption that your non-Christian best friend is watching over your shoulder. Say (or type) only the things that you would want them to see or hear.

Don’t embarrass yourself or the church. The car window is clear.

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