Devotions: Obadiah

A devotion based on Obadiah 1:15.

Obadiah is a one chapter prophet but that does not mean that he is at lack for something to say. His focus is on the punishment that will come upon Edom for all that they had done to God’s people. Judgment on the nations is a common theme among the minor prophets. What Obadiah does is tie this into the Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord is something that appears throughout the Old Testament. It is what we would call the Day of the Judgment, a day when God would set everything right.

We struggle with the same things that people in Old Testament did. Evil people prosper and righteous people suffer. We hope that justice will be seen in this life but often it is not. If God is a God of justice, why do things look the way they do? God is not ignorant of evil and he has a plan. It is the Day of the Lord, something that the New Testament reveals as taking place at the return of Jesus. It will be on that day that God will put all things to rights. Never doubt that God will bring justice.

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