Me Am Not Smart

Some people do not get involved in apologetics because they feel they are not intelligent enough. Perhaps that is the fault of some apologists. We lift up someone like William Lane Craig as the model apologist. If you want to be a “real” apologist, you better have a couple of doctorates and be prepared to debate the top atheists around the world.

I respect William Lane Craig but I don’t think he is the one that we should be modelling ourselves after. Being in the army, I often think in military terms. People like Craig, Alvin Plantinga, J.P. Moreland and others are the special forces. The special forces are very important but wars are not won by the special forces (if you are in the real special forces, please don’t come after me). Wars are won by the infantry (yes I am a chaplain of an infantry unit). The average Christian involved in apologetics is the infantry.

So how smart do you have to be to be involved in apologetics? Average intelligence is just fine. I first became involved in apologetics with no special training. I was a B- student in university (business major) and had only been a Christian for less than a year. I interacted with skeptics. They attacked with arguments and I did my homework to do the fact checking. I like to think that I was trained in apologetics by atheists.

You are already an apologist. What in life is important for you? Explain why it is important. You just did apologetics. Now just do that with your Christian faith. Any Christian can do Christian apologetics. Training and experience just helps you to be better at it.

So don’t give up on apologetics just because you are not William Lane Craig. Craig didn’t give up just because he isn’t you.

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