Acts of the Apostles

I am doing some preparation for a course on Acts that I am teaching at Emmanuel Bible College. While I have picked a different book for my text, I knew the book I wanted to read for my personal preparation. It was Joseph Fitzmyer’s Acts of the Apostles. This is a part of the Anchor Bible series.

The Anchor Bible commentaries are definitely not from an evangelical perspective. They are more in line with critical scholarship. I like reading commentaries from this perspective as they bring up some issues that I would normally not encounter.

I especially appreciate Fitzmyer’s scholarship. He is one of the most respected Catholic scholars. He is fairly traditional in his interpretations while engaging with other critical scholars. The background information that Fitzmyer provides is tremendous. If you are looking for a bibliography on Acts, look no further than this commentary. Instead of just having a bibliography at the end of the book, Fitzmyer includes one after each section.

If you are doing any serious study of Acts, you will need to take into account Fitzmyer’s Acts of the Apostles.

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