Grand Central Question

Perhaps one of the most important topics to study is that of worldviews. What often happens is we debate words when we should really be debating worldviews. Until you understand a person’s worldview, you will never understand the person.

Grand Central QuestionAbdu Murray has presented a helpful resource in his new book Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews. Murray is the co-founder and president of Embrace the Truth International.

This book is broken down into three sections based on three major worldviews. The three worldviews are humanism, pantheism and Islam. Murray gives an overview of each worldview, providing background and contrasting each with Christianity. The most important part of each section is where Murray isolates each grand central question which is the foundation for that worldview.

Murray is particularly qualified for this task, not just because he is a talented apologist, but because he had to experience a paradigm shift himself. Murray shares about the process by which he converted from Islam to Christianity. This helps the reader to see that this is much more than just theory. This becomes especially pertinent for the section on Islam.

Grand Central Question is a very important book for people to read. Murray is respectful toward other worldviews but is not afraid to make the hard comparisons. In our multicultural society, this book is very timely.

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