How to Be a Christian Presence on Facebook

Being a Christian on Facebook and being Christian on Facebook are not the same thing. How can we become a Christian presence on Facebook? It is more complicated than posting as many Christian memes as you can find. Here are some thoughts.

  • FacebookTry to be positive. There is nothing more annoying than someone who is always negative and complaining. I am not talking about a fake positive attitude. If your legs are amputated, you should not feel obligated to celebrate the financial savings in socks and shoes. But if you scan people’s statuses, you will see many people complaining about the littlest things. Do not sink to that level. If one good thing happened and one bad thing happened, consider sharing the good thing.
  • Avoid criticizing people. There are times that people’s words or actions should be commented on, but try to avoid attacking the person. I understand this is very difficult. This should apply to political leaders as well. Be critical of their policies without being nasty toward the person.
  • Be aware of your audience. Both Christians and non-Christians are reading what you write on Facebook. Before sharing something, think about how both groups will react to it.
  • Deal wisely with your commenters. You have control of the status you update. You have less control over what people comment. Some people will try to pick a fight. Clarify what you mean but don’t take the bait. You do not have to respond to every comment. You also do not have to leave every comment posted. Your wall is your space and you have the right to delete. Just don’t do it every time someone disagrees with you.
  • Share Christian values without being preachy. Give people an understanding of what being a Christian is all about without trying to force religion down people’s throats. You will be more effective piquing people’s interest with the positive case for Christianity and letting them private message you than trying to force the message.
  • Share positive Christian stories. Facebook is filled with the stories of the Christians who have messed up. Find the stories of Christians who have done the right thing. Many people have no idea that these stories exist, so share those stories.
  • Have a sense of humour. Don’t be so serious. Christians do not have to be boring or depressing. Have some fun.

These are some of things that I would suggest if you want to be a Christian presence on Facebook.

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