Summer Vacation

I was spoiled as a pastor with plenty of vacation time. Like many pastors I know, people in my congregation would often ask, is the pastor on vacation again? I know I appreciated that time off with all the stress of pastoral work.

After I left congregational ministry, I ended up getting a new job. With this job I had no vacation time for the first year. While fairly standard, it was hard as I started in the spring and worked through the summer when everyone else was off for the summer.

Having completed my first year, I now have two weeks vacation. I have just completed my first week of vacation. I was originally going to use it to work a week and a half on a military exercise. Thankfully, circumstances led to me having a stay at home vacation.

What did we do? It was a working vacation in that we decoded to move around the bedrooms to give each of the kids their own bedroom. We are not even close to being done. We then took the kids to see Niagara Falls for the first time. Then I went on a nature walk with Justus and Emma. All of that was really fun. I also took lots of naps.

It was a busy vacation but it was good. One of the good things is that it ended with the kids going off to camp again. It is almost like the start of another vacation for us.

Family Vacation

Niagara Falls

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