5 Reasons Why I am No Longer an Atheist

During my late teens and early twenties, I was an atheist. I will admit that I was not much like the new atheists. I did not attack people of faith. I was content to just sleep in on Sundays. But I was still an atheist. I am no longer an atheist and there are reasons for that. This is not a list of reasons of why I am a Christian (you can find that here) as I did not move directly from atheism to Christianity. Nor is this an attack on atheism or an attempt to get all atheists to convert. It is simply why I am no longer an atheist.

1. The universe exists.

I had never heard of the cosmological argument but it was basically a version of that. I found that I had trouble believing in the big bang with out someone or something responsible.

2. Life exists.

I still remember reflecting on the nature of life on our planet. Everything from plants to animals to the human body. I tried to imagine how this came about through some mixture in a chemical soup. I found that I did not have enough faith to belief that all this life was an accident.

3. There was no purpose.

I thought I would be happy as an atheist, free from all the religious rules. But the truth is that I was miserable. Life had no purpose. It did not matter if I lived or if I died.

4. There was no hope.

One of the reasons I became an atheist was that I had trouble believing in an afterlife. But as an atheist I realized that there was no ultimate hope. All I had to look forward to was getting old, getting sick and dying. And that was the best case scenario.

5. I believed that there was Someone out there.

I just found that theism took over from atheism. I had a sense that there was Someone out there, Someone watching over me, Someone hearing my confused prayers. I was not ready to believe in the Christian God, but I was open to Someone.

I understand that these things will not push everyone out of atheism. This is only my experience. But it may have something in common with yours.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I am No Longer an Atheist”

  1. Many believers deny God’s existence with their mouths while still feeling His powerful presence in their hearts. Those are empty words. To be an atheist requires more than just words denying God. You were a confused believer, not an atheist.

  2. John, what is required to be an atheist? I would have thought professing the non-existence of God qualified. Not trying to be a jerk, I am genuinely curious. Hope all is well and have a most blessed day!

  3. I think lots of people deny God because they think it’s trendy these days, but those are often just empty words. Maybe you can still call them atheists just if they say there’s no God, but if they have deep-seated qualms like the ones Stephen listed above, then that doesn’t sound like “real” atheism.

    On the other hand, some atheists deny God without any qualms at all. And it’s not because they’ve shut their eyes and stopped thinking. They have really engaged with all these philosophical issues and figured out that everything is fine.

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