Don’t Get Lazy With Your Blogging

You need to make a decision.

BloggingWhy are you blogging? There are two possible reasons. One is as a diary. It is just a nice way to express what you are feeling. The other is because you have something of value to say that you think other people would benefit by reading.

If it is the first reason, then keep doing what you are doing. All is well.

If you want to get people to read your blog, you may have to make some changes. It is not enough just to write good blog posts. Here are some ideas.

  • Choose your titles carefully. Make them both intriguing and something that contains keywords that might get picked up by a search engine.
  • Include key words in your first paragraph that may lead a search engine to the appropriate post.
  • Do things such as fill out the alt tags on your images and include descriptive tags for your post. This may sound boring but you need to work to get search engines to pick you up.
  • Link to your post on social media. Not just on your personal page but on groups that have the people you are looking for.
  • Make relationships with other bloggers. The best way to get other people to come to your blog is to get other people to send them.
  • Finally, do not give up. Results don’t come instantly. Keep working at and don’t get lazy with your blogging.

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