Don’t Be a Twit on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic component of social media. Twitter enables us to have contact with famous people in a way that we would not normally. It also allows to respond to events in real time while tracking what others are saying about the same subject.

Having said that, there are people on Twitter that make it not so fun. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid being that twit on Twitter.

  • Don’t always be negative. Yes there are times to grieve the horrible things happening in the world or to mourn the loss of a beloved celebrity. But Twitter is not the place to complain about every little thing you can think of. People do get sick of the negativity.
  • Don’t tweet too much/too often. There is more patience in Twitter than in Facebook for frequent posts. But there is a limit. It is not so much the number of the posts as the frequency. I follow 2002 people on Twitter and I still see people posting every 20 seconds all day long. It is one thing to live tweet a special event but don’t do it every day. I will stop following someone if they do this.
  • Twitter is not for sharing every detail of your life. I share a few personal things from time to time, but the twitterverse does not care about every little thing you do. You do not have to live tweet through every meal.
  • Twitter is not a substitute for a blog. The beauty of Twitter is the 140 character limit. If you can’t say it in 140 characters, Twitter is not the right medium for the message.
  • Don’t make sharing a one-way street. Other people retweet the helpful things you tweet, make sure to return the favour. Twitter is not about competition, it is about community. You have something to say, someone else does as well. Retweet each other and life runs smoothly.
  • When people follow you, make sure to follow them back. I see many famous people with 10 k followers but only following the dozen other famous people they care about. That is a bit elitist as far as I am concerned. I appreciate people like Rick Warren who follows everyone who follows him. The problem with this is that I currently don’t follow this rule, but not on purpose. I can only follow so many people until my followers reach a certain level. Then I will work hard at catchup.
  • Don’t attack other people on Twitter. If you read a tweet that you don’t like, there is a very easy and simple solution. Stop following them. You must come to terms that there are people on Twitter and other forms of social media that will say things you disagree with. Stop following is much easier than a lengthy online debate to try and get them to repent of their views.

There is more that can be said, but if everyone followed these suggestions, we would be much closer toward having a twitless Twitterverse. Enjoy Twitter but tweet responsible.

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