Silly Little Apologist

One of the reasons that people may be afraid to get involved in apologetics is that their church friends may make fun of them.

Why would people make fun of apologetics? The same reason that people make fun of anything. Ignorance. People don’t understand what apologetics is and so it is easy to dismiss. They may have a caricature in mind that is easy to laugh at. It is also possible that people have met strange apologists. Let us face it, the church is full of both fruit and nuts. There are people who are apologetics fans but don’t actually do apologetics. They just huddle with each other discussing the most obscure theories. However, some people may mock apologetics because they know they should have a deeper understanding of the faith but don’t want to take the time. There are all sorts of reasons.

How should a budding apologist respond to this fear?

A quick read through the New Testament reveals that we should expect to be made fun of for following Jesus. In fact Jesus himself was mocked by his own brothers. Keeping the respect and admiration of others is never offered as a guide for our life.

Should you be involved in apologetics? That depends on what the Bible says and not what your friends say.

But if you do get involved in apologetics, there is something you can do. Become an apologist for apologetics. Not by arguing but by showing people what you are actually doing. Share testimonies of those helped by apologetics. Show them that apologetics is just a normal part of the Christian life.

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