Happy Birthday Abby!

Although we celebrated it last night, today is my daughter’s twelfth birthday. Abby has kept our life interesting from day one. To say that she is strong-willed is a huge understatement. The fact that we had to bolt our furniture to the floor gives you a glimpse of what she is like.

As Abby has gotten older, she has become so beautiful (she has always been adorable). She recently went to visit Logan at his group home that is filled with boys. I am sure that they noticed her presence.

Abby continues to bring great joy to our family. My cheeks sometimes hurt after her visits because I am smiling so much. She fills our hearts with love. Happy Birthday Abby! Thank you for being such a blessing.

Abby Bedard
Julie Nicole Photography http://julienicolephotography.zenfolio.com/
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