Devotions: Habakkuk

A devotion based on Habakkuk 1:2.

Although written thousands of years ago, Habakkuk’s prophecy is very timely. Habakkuk looked at the world around him with all its violence and injustice and felt despair. Where was God? When was he going to do something? Habakkuk did not feel the need to hide his questions as if they were somehow unspiritual.

We can easily identify with Habakkuk’s feelings. It is not difficult to see the problems that are happening, both on a global and local context. Why does God allow these things? The answer we find in Habakkuk is that God is not idle. The reason that we do not see is that God acts in ways we do not expect or perhaps do not even want. The point is that God sees our suffering and he has a plan to intervene.

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