Three Good Things

I have recently moved from doing a daily good news post to a weekly good news post. This allows me to focus on one really good thing for that week.

However, as I write this there are three really good things that I have to share.

The first thing is that I am very happy with our church, Queensway Baptist Church. There are exciting things happening as we have just added another identical service as of today. It went really well. But more than that, I appreciate the preaching of our pastor. He has just started a series on the basics of the faith. He is not giving us stuff to tickle our ears but rather a solid biblical foundation. This is the kind of preaching that I think all our churches need.

On a more more personal note, I have recently shared some of our struggles with our younger son in terms of development and behaviour. We have had a meeting with the various community agencies and I actually felt like we were being heard. I have not always felt that with other similar meetings. People know there is a problem and things are being put in place to help. One of those things happened today and it went very well.

Most importantly, today I was able to spend time with Amanda. We have not had many opportunities for dates lately but it happened this afternoon. A friend was willing to watch the girls for us. It was not a fancy date for us but it was us. I really appreciate Amanda and I know I could never do this life without her. She is the best wife and mother. She told the girls the “facts of life” today on the way to church while I sat there suggesting we table this discussion for a future date. I listened in as Amanda had a deep mother-daughter talk with Emma. Every day I fall more and more in love with Amanda. I am a blessed man.

So those are my three things for this week. All of them are good news.

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