5 Things to Do If You Do Not “Feel Fed” at Church

I often hear people complaining that they do not feel fed at church. By this they usually mean they do not like the pastor’s sermons. I will admit that I have been there before, although I am thankful that we have a great preacher at our current church. So what should you do if you feel this way? Here are five suggestions.


1. Get over it

There is no biblical basis for going to church to get fed. Church is for worshipping and serving. You can do those things even if the pastor reads the phone book from the pulpit every Sunday.

2. Do not leave the church

Unless your pastor is preaching heresy, there is no reason to leave the church. Even then, the church may need you more than ever. I realize leaving for a better “meal” is people’s first instinct but that is the easy way out. The easy way is rarely the right way.

3. Encourage your pastor

Even the worst preacher has to do it right some of the time. If your preacher “feeds” you one Sunday, make sure to offer encouragement and share specifics about what you appreciated about the sermon.

4. Do not gossip about your pastor

It is easy to find others in the church who feel like you do. There are opportunities for gossip sessions to complain about the pastor. What is the use of that? Is there anything positive that can come of that? When people attempt to recruit you for gossip duty, just walk away.

5. Feed yourself

You have a Bible. Go ahead, pick it up and read it. Get some good quality Christian books. Start a small group. You are not a baby. You do not need the pastor to feed you spoon by spoon. You are able to feed yourself, so go and do it.

I believe the idea of having to”feel fed” is toxic to the church. It is an excuse to go church shopping. Find a local congregation and stick with it. It may be your positive influence that will turn things around.


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