5 Ways That Christianity is Unique

The uniqueness of Christianity

UniqueOne of the most common claims is that all religions are the same. This is incredibly false. Each religion has its own claim to being unique. Here are five ways in which Christianity is unique.

1. Christianity is falsifiable.

Did the Buddha achieve enlightenment? Did Muhammed receive revelations from Gabriel? Even if you had a time machine you would not be able to tell if these things happened. The truth of Christianity is based on the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christianity is false. Unlike other religions we are dealing with historical evidence rather than internal experiences.

2. God is self-sufficient.

God as Trinity is not a weakness for Christianity, it is a strength. Many religions agree that God is loving but if he is a monad he can only love once he has created. As a Trinity, God was love within himself before creation.

3. The only true incarnation.

There are religions (such as Hinduism) where a god (such as Vishnu) appears as a human. That is far from the incarnation of Jesus. Jesus was fully God and fully human. He went from overseeing the universe to being a fetus. That was a sacrifice even before the cross. The incarnation is also unique in that it was a permanent experience.

4. The Bible as an inspired book written by humans.

The Bible is not a magic book dropped out of heaven. It was not dictated by God. Nor is it just a collection of thoughts by people reflecting on God. It is inspired and yet fully includes the personalities and the situations of the human authors. There is no other holy book like this.

5. Christianity is about love.

Each religion has its own focus (submission, obedience, enlightenment, etc.) but only Christianity is based on love. God is love. Jesus boiled down Christianity to love for God and love for people. This is the only religion that puts love at the complete centre.

Are all religions the same? Not at all. While having some things in common with other religions, Christianity is very much unique.

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