Devotions: Zephaniah

A devotion based on Zephaniah 3:9.

Like many of the minor prophets, Zephaniah speaks of judgment. There will be judgment on both Judah and the nations. The nations are the gentiles or the non-Jewish peoples. There will be judgment but there will be reconciliation as well. The nations will be gathered to worship God and to serve him in unity.

Christianity is both divisive and unifying. Jesus warned us that following him would cause conflict with those who do not follow. At the same time, faith in Christ can be unifying. The Church is made up of people from all backgrounds. People from different countries, economic levels and cultures have joined together to praise God with one voice. The prophecy of Zephaniah has been fulfilled in the Christian Church.

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2 thoughts on “Devotions: Zephaniah”

  1. My favorite sentence in this article is “Christianity is both divisive and unifying.” This is so true, I find, even in the church. I have lost friends because I was sticking to biblical principles which didn’t line up with modern day American culture. Yet, I have been able to connect with others because of our same conservative beliefs in Christ.

    Thank you so much for this post, Stephen!

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