Devotions: Haggai

A devotion based on Haggai 2:5.

The context of this passage was a very difficult time for Judah. Although the exile was technically over, things were not as prosperous as people had hoped. The Temple was still in ruins and things were not looking good for it to be rebuilt. The two main leaders were Zerubbabel and Joshua. Haggai the prophet had the role of encouraging them in their task. One of the words of encouragement was about the presence of God’s Spirit and how that can drive out fear.

We live in a time of great fear. People fear war, crime, disease and so on. It would be tremendously easy to be overcome with fear. The answer to fear is not pretending that everything is fine. The answer is to recognize the presence of God’s Spirit. The Spirit reminds us that this world is not ruled by chaos. Just as the Spirit hovered above creation before God brought order, the Spirit is present in this chaos. Can you recognize the Spirit’s presence in your life?

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