An Eye to the Past and an Eye to the Future

For the last few days I have felt as if I am having a sarcoidosis flare up. What does that look like? I am more tired than ever. My usually energizing 20-minute nap does not touch my fatigue. I have also had some muscle and joint pain. A few time over these days, the pain in my foot, ankle and leg has been so bad that it has been hard to walk. It is an all too good reminder of what things were like just over a year ago.

Why would I bring this up as good news? If I did not know what it was, I would be getting worried. Why the pain? Where will it end? Will I be able to walk? But I got through it last year. If it does not go away on its own, it will go away with a round of meds. The hardest thing about last year was not knowing what it was. Seeing the big picture takes out the fear.

One prayer request, however, has to do with the army. I am getting an army medical done in a couple of weeks. I have not had one since I have been sick. The army is not crazy about having people on medication serving in the forces. Prayers will be appreciated.

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