Michael Paulkovich and the 126 Who Did Not Know Jesus

Michael Paulkovich is getting some attention with his list of 126 writers who should have written about Jesus but did not. According to Paulkovich, if Jesus existed we would expect each of these writers or at least the majority to have mentioned Jesus.

I suppose if this was true, then historical Jesus scholars would have some explaining to do. Unfortunately for Paulkovich, his claims are pretty far fetched.

I originally planned to go through his list one by one and respond. But of course I am biased and it could be argued that as an ordained pastor, I have a vested interested in showing that belief in Jesus is reasonable.

So here is a very helpful post by Steven Bollinger, who is an atheist. He has done all of the hard work in looking at the list of 126 writers. Bollinger demonstrates that Paulkovich is relying on the rhetorical power of a large number rather than the accuracy of each claim.

It ends that we have the ancient writers that we expect. The only one that we would like in addition is Philo. Even then, this is the advantage of historical Jesus studies.

Paulkovich gives the wrong idea when he claims that over a hundred writers who should have mentioned Jesus mysteriously did not mention him. We would not expect these writers to mention Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Paulkovich and the 126 Who Did Not Know Jesus”

  1. This man is very crazy. In communist countries used to say that communist president is their god, and Albert Einstein recognized that God exists !

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